De Herberg Lodge

Facilities available

All our rooms are of a very high standard to comply in all your needs as far as possible - should you need something extra, we don't mind walking the extra mile in assisting you.

A communall lounge with big flat screen tv and full dish channels is for our guests that want to join us for a chat or watch tv in a relaxing manner.

Our garden is our proud with lots of secret corners and interesting statues where one can sit and relax while enjoying the tranquility of the environment. We also serve mealsand drinks on request in the garden.

Our premises are covered by free wi-fi.

We have a shuttle service to the air fields as no extra costs.

We invite you to meet the owners, JJ, Johann, Franco as well as our friendly staff who are eager to serve you.

Our office offers fax and secretarial services on request. We can also assist you with bookings for your next stop, should you need it.

We comply to all the laws to ensure your stay be as healthy, safe and hassle free as possible. Detailed vat inclusive tax invoices are issued to all companies, agenciesand guests.

We have several bank accounts and facilities fir most credit cards, including Amex and Diners. We also accept EFT payments upon requests.